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Bulletin Electronic Distribution

Use this form to alter the way you receive the Bulletin. You can now choose how you receive the Bulletin. You can choose to receive it electronically via email, regular mail, or both. If you choose to receive it electronically, you have the option to be notified via email when the Bulletin is available for download from this website (a small email message), or you can receive the Bulletin as an attachment to an email message (large).

If you currently do not receive the Bulletin, do not submit this form, submit a regular Bulletin subscription form.

The group number from your Bulletin label is the easiest and most accurate way for us to find your subscription. If you are a District Representative (DR) or have some other “official” subscription, please give us the code from your label for the subscription. If you do not know your group number or code, we should be able to find your subscription from your name and address.

Electronic Delivery:
Printed Delivery:
 (The group id from your Bulletin label.)
 (In case we have any questions.)